„Miss Multitasking“
Practice manager since 2000, with responsibility for appointment organisation, reception, practice organisation and quality management

Monika Lettl

„She is on the other end of the line on Friday“
Since 2015 responsible for placing appointments and for reception.

Annette Heinrichs

“Whenever we need an extra support”
Since 2014 she helps out in emergencies and interrupts her study of dentistry.

Leonie Mayer

„She is Dr. Diegritz´ right hand“
Since 2011 they are a well-rehearsed team with the microscope.

Sylvia Nägele

“Without her, everything would grind to a halt”
Since 1995 she is working with Dr. Mayer, with responsibility for assistance, materials managing and invoicing.

Gabriele Rücker-Schitkowski

“Her warmth and good humour is infectious”
Responsible for assistance, hygiene regulations and patient follow-up care with Dr. Eisenmann since 2008

Julia Roppel